Agile Project Management

Common Technologies, Inc provides software and services to companies transitioning to or ramping up agile and iterative development efforts. Aglie Project managament simplifies iterative project planning, tracking, and reporting. Lightweight requirements management, release planning, iteration planning, project tracking, and task management integrate to provide visibility into and maintain control of todays rapidly changing development projects.

With Agile Principle and Practices you can:

  • Rein in even the most complex, unwieldy projects
  • Effectively manage unknown or changing product requirements
  • Simplify the chain of command with self-managing development teams
  • Build and release products in 30-day cycles so clients get deliverables earlier
  • Receive clearer specifications and feedback from customers
  • Greatly reduce project planning time and required tools
  • Support multiple teams working on a large-scale project from many geographic locations
  • Avoid missteps by regularly inspecting, reporting on, and fine-tuning projects
  • Maximize return on investment

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    Our mission is to exceed your expectation by providing services that increase your productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. Our strategic business analysis experience keeps us focused on this mission and your needs.

    A Focused Approach to Staffing Services

    We provide a full-range of staffing solutions - full-time employee placements, contract-for-hire, and contract staffing. In addition to being technical experts, we prepare our consultants with excellent oral and written communication skills, enabling them to work effectively and efficiently with both the user community and management. Here are some of the areas where we excel in our staffing abilities:

  • Software Development and Support
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Integration/Conversions
  • Installation/Implementation
  • Database Design and Support
  • Technical Writing
  • Our strong network of developers are proficient in the following:

  • Visual Basic .NET
  • C, C++, C#
  • Java, J2EE
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows XP, NT 4.0
  • UNIX
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux
  • Databases
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Access
  • Filemaker Pro
  • Informix 7.1
  • Oracle
  • DB2