Our Vision, Mission, and Philosophy

Our goal at Common Technologies is to be regarded as a source for clear excellence in the information technology consulting industry for the Greater Los Angeles area.

Our mission is:

To provide services and solutions that exceed our clients' expectations by increasing their productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage. And, to be the company IT consultants choose as their partner in providing information management services.

Our philosophy revolves around people, knowledge, technology, innovation, quality, integrity, and community.


Clients, Consultants and Employees are our most valued resources. Our primary function is to align the interests of these stakeholders to form mutually beneficial consulting engagements. We provide our clients with increased productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage within their industries. We strive to provide our consultants with challenging opportunities, generous rewards, and an opportunity to learn new technologies.


In the hyper-competitive IT industry, successful people think creatively to identify opportunities and act upon them. One of the best ways to develop creative skills is through continuous education. The value-added aspects of identifying opportunities stem from our ability to turn data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into good decision-making. Our quest for knowledge gives us a strategic competitive advantage. We continually challenge our comfort zone by turning problems into opportunities to grow and learn.


Our core competency is a comprehensive understanding of technology and how to implement the appropriate technology for your business. Information management is our business. Our tools are the products of electrical and software engineering research and development. Scientific breakthroughs take place at lightning speed. To achieve our vision we need to challenge ourselves continuously with new technology.


We value innovation. Putting the value statements of People, Knowledge, and Technology into action, we come up with Innovation. For you to stay on top of your industry, we have to stay on top of ours. To exceed your expectations, we need to be innovative in the deployment of knowledge and technology.


To us, quality means software-consulting services that are reliable while innovative, valuable yet affordable, and that contribute to your bottom line. For our consultants, quality means a leading-edge compensation package designed to reward high performance, productivity and innovation. We strive for continuous quality improvements in everything we do.


We value integrity because it provides an opportunity to grow meaningful, lasting, and rewarding relationships with our clients and consultants.


We value community because it gives us balance. We believe that in order to be professionally productive we also need to have fun. Having a sense of community both in and outside the work environment adds value to our knowledge-management process.